The Winery

Quality and landscape care

A well-designed winery allows us to make the most of the excellent characteristics of the grapes. It’s located in a place called “Le buche”, renowned for its many Etruscan graves and caves. An old drywall now functions as the external wall of the winery, whose ceiling is a grass-covered terrace where we do the destemming.

Thanks to some small trapholes, we fill the vats from the top without using any pumps.
We use little cement barrels for the fermentation and a 17 hl oak-wood vat to perform – with extreme care – the separate vinifications for each grape variety.
Our grapes are pressed by foot in vats, so as to cause them less stress and avoid contact with steel.

A new ecological model is taking shape

We use a clever device inspired by Baron Eric Rothschild of Château Lafite: an automatic trapdoor that allows fresh air to cool the wine-aging area, which houses the French oak barriques. As we think environmental sustainability is very important, we have adopted some energy-saving measures such as LED lights and solar panels. The cement barrels were rescued from the landfill and brought back to life, like much of the field and vineyard equipment (press, tractor, etc.).