Tuscany, olive country par excellence

The landscape near Sarteano, with the massive presence of olive trees amid the greenery round about, fill us with wonder at the manifest appropriateness of olive cultivation in this area.
Our principles for dealing with the olive trees are the same as those that govern the vineyard: full respect for the characteristics of the soil; rare fertilisation; only occasional treatment, which is, however, always executed exclusively with natural products; pruning only when necessary.
We are part of the DOP Terre di Siena but our standards are stricter.
Our cultivars are typically Tuscan and include pendolino, leccino, moraiolo and frantoio.


Further details

We choose the dates for the olive harvest with an eye to emphasizing the fruity flavour of the oil.
The transformation process takes place at the Casa Sardi mill on the very day of harvesting; it involves a three-stage cold process, with extraction from decantation and without centrifugation, which would alter the structure of the oil.


The Oil

In order to safeguard its natural polyphenols, the oil is not filtered, but is allowed to rest for a while. And indeed our oil usually has very low acidity, is very fruity and reveals a strong polyphenolic structure. These characteristics are responsible for its tastiness and duration: its organoleptic properties remain in place for a long time.