Terra Quercus

Family tradition

Our enterprise is distinctly family-based: Francesco d’Alessandro, the owner, is in charge of producing wine and oil.
Clara d’Alessandro assists in the production of olive oil and Elisabetta d’Alessandro looks after public relations.
Clara and Elisabetta d’Alessandro are regular members of the wine- and oil-tasting panels.
We benefit from the collaboration of the agronomist Angelo Bertacchini and the oenologist Federico Staderini.

…and acquired skills.

The architects Paolo Pannocchi and Prof. Massimo d’Alessandro directed the restructuring of the house; the concrete aspects of the winery project were realised in accordance with the requirements of Francesco d’Alessandro and Federico Staderini.

Daniela Fe D’Ostiani designed the garden.

We also often call on the services of Roberto, Jacopo and the gardener Decio Biagianti.


Olio Terra Quercus

We’ve been fine-tuning the production of our oil: the result in one of the best Extra Virgin Olive oils to be found in Italy.

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In the spring of 2016 we tasted – with immense pleasure – the fruit of the last few years’ labours in the vineyard: the first vintage (2013) of our wine Quartaluna.

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Small producers, great experience

An experienced vintner’s credo: prizing and leaving free expression to nature. The integrity of the fruit is what we aim for in our wine: unrelenting care of our vines is designed to maximize it.

Where we are

Where we are

Terra Quercus

Via del Mandoleto, 12 loc. Il Mandoleto – Sarteano (SI) Tel. +39 0578 265286


You can call now to book your stay or to plan a visit to our country house. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions and give you further information.

Telephone: +39 0578 265286