Terra Quercus 0,25 l.

We’ve studied this packaging for restaurants. The new European Union regulations require non-refillable packaging to eliminate the deplorable practice of filling up empty labeled bottles with inferior oils. This size will be appreciated by more demanding customers and will guarantee origin and uniqueness.


Terra Quercus 0,50 l.

Just right for your table. This packaging is very practical: it’s designed to avoid waste and for everyday use. Your guests will be struck by its cool look even before they taste the delightful EVO.


Terra Quercus 0,75 l.

The conventional size for Italian kitchens. To be kept always within reach during your cooking or cold preparation. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is basic to the Mediterranean diet. Ours is notably balanced and adapted to all kinds of cooking. In fact, it’s delicious.


Terra Quercus 5 l.

Never be without. The ideal size for the entire season for every Italian family. Saving without compromise. Recent studies indicate that Italians are the most avid olive oil consumers. We like our food to be healthy and tasty: that’s why we focus on quality.


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